Corinna Tolan is a beauty expert has over two decades of experience in skincare. The face yoga expert has described the right moves to have skin looking radiant and younger.

Corinna spoke with about the best facial yoga moves to turn back the clock when it comes to your face and neck.

She is the owner of Monica Tolan The Skin Experts, Dublin, which has been awarded Salon of the Year for 11 consecutive years and Salon of Excellence for the whole of the UK and Ireland.

The expert said: “As we age, the skin becomes sluggish. Blood tends to retract and focus on vital organs.

“When you massage the skin, you boost circulation, filling the skin with essential nutrients.

“This will improve intercellular communication and collagen synthesis.”

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So, what move can help to boost the youthful appearance of the skin?

Corinna told readers: “I love to work with cupping, Gua Sha, and massage tools.

“Work upwards and move towards the lymph nodes for best results.”

Cupping tools for facial cupping are small soft cups used to create a suction on the skin, bring blood into the skin, and rejuvenate it.

Some practitioners have claimed overtime facial cupping contributes to a younger appearance.

Gua Sha tools, on the other hand, are flat tools with various curved edges made from semi-precious stones.

They are pressed against the face and used to massage the skin.

Gua Sha is actually a traditional Chinese healing method for the skin. It has been used for chronic pain but many use it in their skincare too.

How often should you do face yoga or an anti-aging massage?

Corinna simply told readers: “As often as you enjoy it and it feels good.”

Corinna suggested a number of other important anti-aging tips and tricks she swears by.

She told readers: “Inflammation and stress are major contributors to aging.

“I suggest you include more omega 3 in your diet as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

“Also invest in a good probiotic as inflammation and stress can cause the gut to massively affect the skin.”