Pregnancy Yoga: How Will This Help In Serving Several Health Benefits

Pregnancy Yoga : The pregnant woman battles with several issues like changing mood, anxiety, fatigue, cramps and breathing problems. During this phase, it is recommended for women to perform yoga exercises. This is an ancient form of holistic healing. It contains several sets of exercises which are very effective in improving the health standards of the pregnant women. It contains several asanas which help in battling anxiety, stress, body pain etc.

Yoga contains essential exercises which help in improving the blood circulation in the body. Moreover, some of the asanas are associated with muscle and bones. Doing pranayama during the pregnancy phase helps in removing the stress from the muscle, thus making countering body pain. Some of the yoga asanas which are very helpful for pregnant women are listed below.

Lotus Pose: This pose is very effective in combating stress. This asana is very easy to perform. In this, the participant has to sit in the cross-legged posture. While sitting, the participant has to meditate and breathe heavily. This heavy breathing helps in providing sufficient amount of oxygen in the body. Moreover, this posture helps in countering stress. Not only is this yoga posture recommended for pregnant women but also for other people.

Vakrasna (Twisted pose): It is another yoga posture which is recommended for pregnant women. In this pose, the practitioner has to sit on the ground or mat with legs fully stretched. The practitioner has to twist the hands, head and other body parts above the waist in the right direction and then in the left direction. While performing this, the practitioner also has to inhale and exhale air while performing this asana.

Utkatasana (Chair pose):This is another yoga asana which is recommended for pregnant women. This posture is performed in a standing position. In this, the practitioner has to bend down as if he/she is sitting on a chair. This posture provides strength to the thighs and ankles. This yoga asana also strengthens the pelvic muscle. Moreover, it also helps in removing the excessive fat from the butt.

Bhadrasana (Butterfly pose): Another yoga asana which is recommended for pregnant women is Bhadrasana. It is also known as butterfly pose. This pose is very effective in providing strength to the thighs and pelvic region. In this posture, the practitioner has to sit with legs making the posture of the butterfly. The practitioner has to join hands in the posture of salutation or Namaste. The practitioner then has to bend in the front while forehead pressing the feet. The practitioner has to pay much attention related to inhaling and exhaling of the air.

These yoga asanas, when performed during the pregnancy, provide several health benefits. These yoga postures improve the blood circulation in the body and also provide significant strength to the muscle. The problems like back pain, stress, pain in legs, etc are also encountered through yoga.